Safe Bathrooms Club

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In March of 2016, the North Carolina state legislature passed House Bill 2. The bill states that people must use the bathroom that matches the sex designated on their birth certificate.

Safe Bathrooms Club is a project that I co-founded to make visible the businesses and organizations that loudly opposed the discriminatory bill passed by my home state.

This project was covered by Buzzfeed, CNN, BBC, Marketplace, Teen Vogue, Mic, and The New York Times.

Here are a few of the social media posts that inspired the idea for this project:

Seeing businesses and organizations take a stand on social media made me want to see them plotted out on a map. I searched hashtags like #hb2 and #wearenotthis and any business or organization who was using them to take a stand against HB2, I added to a Google map.

Shortly after sharing it on Facebook, I started to get dozens of requests from people all over North Carolina wanting to get their business or employer on the map. The support was pretty amazing.

I set up a Google form to organize the submissions better, and used Bootstrap to prototype a website that could serve as a directory for the organizations listed.

A developer friend donated his time and skills to help me get it set up properly, hooking the front-end up to a Google spreadsheet that manages the data, and I continue to maintain it.

Here are some snapshots from my sketchbook as the idea came together, and a couple other things I made for this project.

That's me cheesing in the middle.